15. Being occupied

SYNOPSIS: This story idea investigates why people choose their occupations and what is important about their occupation in regards to the Australian economy.

RATIONALE: Almost everybody talks about their job and this is because we spend most of our time occupied by our jobs. People also question why they do what they do and the concept of work/life balance is often debated at social gatherings.

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Story idea: Being occupied

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Posted: October 8th, 2010
Categories: Story ideas for ABC Open
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Comment from Mick - October 8, 2010 at 4:05 pm

Radio is the soundtrack to life. We always hear about the artists and celebrities who make the songs we bop to and about the news reporters and program hosts who entertain us as we work, but what about the local guys that write the jingles? My friend composes jingles and I think his job makes an interesting story.