2. The rise of the Green Voter

The rise of the Green Voter

SYNOPSIS: Over the years people have become more aware of our impact on the environment and this awareness permeates many aspects of our society including decision making when voting for government. This story explores the increase in numbers of environmentally-conscious voters and why this is happening.

RATIONALE: People are interested in Green Voter’s in rural areas especially regarding people who vote Green in agricultural and mining-based electorates.

TARGETED STORY CONTRIBUTORS: This story would require a mix of contributors including the general public, politicians, environmental scientists and industry members to tell their stories.

HOW TO ENGAGE THE COMMUNITY: Create awareness of the project through radio announcements and messages to agriculture and mining communities, members of electorate divisions, universities, social media networks and environmentally focussed internet communities.

PRACTICAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR STORY DEVELOPMENT: This story may require a combination of audio interviews (podcasts are efficient to produce and protect the identity of the contributor/voter) and a forum or blog for live debates as a community of contributors would add strength and integrity to the story. A workshop may need to be held in agricultural and mining areas to educate people how to develop and contribute media for this story. For the process of creating a story from idea to finished product please see my storytelling skills page.

DELIVERABLES AND STORY DISTRIBUTION: This story can be displayed on a blog and debated on social media networks using different types of digital media. Text and audio media will allow contributors to share their opinions anonymously. Video and image media created in the form of viral and liquid content and linking to the ABC Open blog, can be made available for interested and targeted audiences to link and/or embed into their own websites, blogs and social media platforms (such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, etc.) prompting interaction with the story.

TARGETED AUDIENCES: Regional and national audiences who are politically and environmentally aware.

ADDITIONAL USER GENERATED CONTENT: Audiences may choose to add their own content to the blog/forum social network relating to green voters and environmental politics and could include discussions about policies, myths and more.

SUGGESTED CATEGORIES/KEYWORDS: Green votes, politics, environment, triple bottom line…

CONTACTS TO POTENTIAL STORY CONTRIBUTORS: We could begin by contacting Jenny Stirling (Federal Senate for the Greens) or Dr Mike Rubenach (Federal Electorate for the Greens) in the Herbert electorate.

INTERESTING LINKS: Wilderness Society News, Herbert Electorate (Greens)


Story idea: The rise of the Green Voter

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Posted: October 8th, 2010
Categories: Story ideas for ABC Open
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Comment from Melanie - October 10, 2010 at 1:31 am

We all know of Melbourne Green voters, but i think the real story are the non-traditional Greens, especially in places like Herbert, Kennedy, and WA.