11. My 4WD and me

SYNOPSIS: This story idea focusses on 4WD owners of North Queensland.

RATIONALE: North Queensland has a large percentage of 4WD owners who use their vehicle for tasks such as fishing, camping, mining, pigging, and more. In this story we meet North Queensland 4WD owners and find out why they love their 4WD’s.

NOTES: I used this idea for my story example. For further information email: mick@mickstyle.com


Story idea: My 4WD and me

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EXAMPLE: My brother offered to help by contributing a story when hearing about my bid for the ABC Open producer position. We set up a microphone and recorded his story then went through his photo collection to find pictures that compliment his story.

Posted: October 8th, 2010
Categories: Story ideas for ABC Open
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